We offer a various range of services, perfectly designed to fulfill your needs

Mix/Master is the most requested service. We'll help you organize your files before you send them to us.

You can ask for re-amping in addition to the Mix/Master in order to get devastating guitar and bass tones. This will also help with consistency across the mix.

Re-Amp is the best way to build a custom sound for your guitars and/or bass. We'll edit your DI (Direct Input) track(s) and we'll use various plugins and outboard gear to build the sound you're looking for.

MIDI Programming will allow you to achieve a very human sound with your favorite virtual instruments. Velocities and timing will be edited in order to build the most plausible sound.

Both for music and audiovisual work. We'll conceptualize sounds and atmospheres.

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You need a drummer, a percussionist, a guitar player or a DAW operator?

We offer you session work for both live and studio.

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